ALPINA FINEST COLOURS - German quality, impressive eloquence and elegance

Natural matt premium paint with personality-filled shades.

Do you want a home that is as unique as you are? Welcome to the world of the Apina Finest Colours collection! Inspired by nature, art, culture and stunning natural sites, the aesthetics of these noble matt colours offer a wealth of possibilities to create a timeless ambience in your home.

The brand

For over 100 years, consumers have trusted the products of Germany's best-known and most popular paint brand in Germany. Alpina Finest Colours is one of the best-known brands among DIY users, synonymous with innovation, a pioneer and market leader in the DIY sector. Alpina has been Europe's best-selling interior paint for decades and the current test winner of the German consumer  organisation Stiftung Warentest. Alpina puts sustainability first. Responsible use of resources has been an integral part of the company culture for generations, including the use of environmentally friendly and healthy raw materials. Alpina is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the paints segment and regularly expands its product range, incorporating consumer demands and social responsibility activities into product development: consistent reliability and multiple award-winning product quality make Alpina the paint expert and the number one paint brand in the DIY sector.

Exceptional colour quality

Alpina has been delighting people with its high hiding power and excellent colour quality for generations. The original Alpina opacity guarantees easy and fast painting with perfect results. The Alpina Finest Colours collection offers you 32 timeless matt shades to harmonise the colour scheme of your home down to the smallest detail. Behind each colour is a story of its own: from the first inspirational impulse from the worlds of art, culture, history and travel, to shades with personality and an unmistakable presence.

Selected raw materials

Alpina Finest Colours are elegant, natural matt-looking wall paints with outstanding colour quality, impressive colour depth and durability. Alpina Finest Colours paints are based on selected pigments and first-class raw materials, such as high quality champagne chalk and fine white porcelain. Chalk is a fine, soft sedimentary rock with legendary clarity and elegance. The naturally pure white pigment of the porcelain material illuminates the shades and gives Alpina Finest Colours paints a noble finish. The interaction of all these components results in the elegant appearance and stunning depth of colour of the collection.

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