Company name change

We are pleased to inform you that our company name changes to thenordicmark KFT.

Dear interested parties,

In order to differentiate and highlight our Nordic origin, values, and way of working, we are pleased to inform you that  our company names change as follows:

  • thenordicmark group sro (previously D-Mark Invest sro)
  • thenordicmark KFT (previously D-Mark KFT)
  • thenordicmark SRL (previously D-mark partners SRL)
  • thenordicmark LTD (previously D-Mark LTD)

Together we are called thenordicmark group. The Nordic values we want to highlight:

•             The highest quality brands, products, and services.

•             Transparency, openness, and a belief in everyone's right to express own opinions

•             Equality, trust, and respect to people, achieving the success together

•             Respect to environment, sustainable management

•             Creativity, innovative way of thinking

The information such as the business addresses, ID, VAT numbers, telephone and mailing contacts, and bank account numbers remain unchanged.

Thank you for your trust and we wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

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