Creative idea to increase brand awareness in our partner store

thenordicmark KFT made the shopping area more pleasant in one of its partner stores.

thenordicmark KFT is pleased to announce that one of its partner stores has succeeded in renovating the doors separating the shopping area from the warehouse. During the project, our staff applied Caparol's Capacryl PU-Matt and Samtex 2 paints, which guarantee high quality and aesthetic appearance, on the surface cleaned with an UltraGrime Power Scrub.

The first door further enhances the Caparol brand identity. Samtex 2 in black has been applied to the wall surface next to the door frame, while Capacryl PU-Matt in light blue shade BLAU has been applied to the door leafs under the Caparol logo sticker.

The second door focused on promoting the Tikkurila brand. The door frame was again painted with Samtex 2 in black, while the door leaves were coated with Capacryl PU-Matt in RAL 3020 and the Tikkurila sticker was applied.

thenordicmark KFT is open to assisting its partners with similar ingenious solutions to jointly promote the brand awareness of products as widely as possible.

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