Historic facade renovation in Székesfehérvár

The historic facade is back to its former glory with Caparol...

In the downtown of Székesfehérvár, in Liszt Ferenc street, a complete facade renovation was realized with the help of Caparol products distributed by thenordicmark KFT. After the renovation of the privately-owned listed building, the facade has been restored to its former beauty and is now a delight to passers-by in the city centre.

The Capatect WTA system was used on the lower two metres of the facade for water and salt retention. Histolith Trass-Kalkputz was used to repair the plaster on the remaining surfaces. 

To achieve a homogenous appearance of the facade, the following layering scheme was defined:
1. Capatect Minera Carbon (Extra) carbon fibre reinforced bedding and smoothing material
2. OptiSilan TiefGrund silicone deep primer
3. ThermoSan Nano Quarz Gitter self-cleaning, water-repellent facade paintback on articles

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