Kemi-Ker II. Women's Day Creative RoadShow

The thenordicmark team was once again delighted to take part in the Women's Day event, which was a great atmosphere.

For the second time, the thenordicmark team took part in the Creative Roadshow for Women's Day organised by Kemi-Ker Kft. on 8 March.

How to paint on glass surfaces with paint aerosols? Participants could get ideas from the glass vases we paint and make their own glass vases according to their taste and colour scheme. This allowed us to showcase our MASTON range of ONE, CANDY EFFECT, STONE.

The Swedish ANZA brushes and rollers were on display, allowing visitors to experience the right balance between the experience of painting and the performance of the painting tools.

The combination possibilities of Capadecor Diamonds shimmering effect pigment powder were also presented, and visitors were given professional information on how to use the product.

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