OWATROL Floetrol Paint Contitioner Now Available in 2.5 l Packaging

Among acrylic pouring artists, OWATROL Floetrol is already a well-known paint conditioner. For these artists and anyone else interested in the acrylic pouring technique or other applications of this versatile paint conditioner, we have good news: from now on, Dejmark Kft. offers the product in larger, 2.5-liter packaging too.

What is a Paint Conditioner?

Floetrol is a functional additive, that added to the paint:

  • Helps paint flow - Eliminates brush and roller marks.
  • Allows paint to adjust to difficult weather conditions, such as extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • or high humidity.
  • Extends paint’s drying time when creating faux finishing effects.
  • Provides a spray-like finish when rolling.
  • Reduces tip clogging and avoids piston freeze-up when spraying with a cup gun.
  • Extends life of the spray gun and spray equipment parts.
  • Improves spray pattern and assures better coverage.
  • Minimises “holidays” when rolling or brushing.
  • Reduces roller pressure on surface and avoids build-up of paint on edges of the roller pattern.

What Type of Paints can it be Added to?

Floetrol is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and can be added to waterborne coatings, such as emulsion, acrylic or vinyl-based paints. Except for clear lacquers, Floetrol can also be added to wood stains and varnishes.

Acrylic Pouring Technique Using Owatrol Floetrol

The pictures below show some great examples of the mesmerizing cellular structure that can be created with acrylic pouring. Floetrol paint conditioner is used as leveling agent that gives an ideal window of time for the paint to set as desired.

Click on the link below to watch how an acrylic pouring work of art is created.

Acrylic Pouring Technique Using Floetrol Paint Conditioner

Technical Product Data Sheet with instructions of use and other detailed information is available upon request at Dejmark Kft.

Try OWATROL Floetrol and create your own stunning pieces of art!

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