Tikkurila Color Trends for 2022

Tikkurila’s choice for the Color of the Year in 2022 carries an exciting duality: K478 Kestrel is warm brown color infused with a cool red tone. This duality suggests grounding, but also soaring in high skies.

The palette designed to complete the main color includes soft black and beige tones, cool bluish-green and turquoise colors, but sand dune yellow is also part of the color collection.

Tikkurila’s Color of the Year 2022 – Every adventure begins at home!

The color selected as the Color of the Year is L478 Kestrel. Inspired by the kestrel, not only because of the tint of its plumage, but also because its lifestyle, this warm brown colour makes us reflect on how the atmosphere of our homes is enriched and made colorful by our outdoor experiences. Likewise, every new adventure is truly complete if we carry in our heart the sense of safety experienced at home.

Tikkurila color trend palette for 2022

In addition to the Color of the Year, the complete collection of trend colors includes six other colors:

The peculiarity of the color collection for 2022 lies in the fact that it reaches out to both lovers of traditional styles, and to those who prefer minimal modern styles. The color choices we make for our homes often keep memories of moods, friendships, voyages and even world views. What color is your story? What thoughts are crossing your mind as you watch the trend color selection of Tikkurila for 2022?

Playing with Colors – warm shades of cool tones?

This collection of harmonious color shades can easily be adapted to match the mood of your living space. The 7 complementary colour shades can be used as standalones or in combination on full wall surfaces, accent walls, furniture, or any other element of decoration.

Just like the Color of the Year L478 Kestel is a double toned shade, the entire trend palette for 2022 also contains both warm and cool shades, in harmonious balance with each other. The use of cooler and warmer shades on the same surface or neighbouring surfaces can lead to thrilling contrast effects.

If you feel more attracted to warmer shades, select the options provided by F466 Parchment or K396 Safari. Should you prefer cooler tones, you’ll most certainly take pleasure in the visual effects of V503 Winter, X447 Sea Smoke, S440 Silk Road and X449 Licorice.

Where would these colors be best suited?

How do you feel about the soft black X499 Licorice on the walls of your bedroom? Or try to imagine the peaceful, yet charming atmosphere created by the L478 Kestrel in the living room! If you would rather start with smaller changes and minor steps, make a trial on a single wall or on a piece of furniture. The slightly bluish green X447 Sea Smoke goes well on furniture, while the more intense turquoise toned S440 Silk Road is a real eyecatcher whether applied on walls or skirting boards. Trust your intuition, choose the color or colors that are most expressive of the mood you wish to create and give your home a fresh vibe!

What paints can be tinted to these colors?

The undeniable, marvellous advantage of using Tikkurila paints is the tinting technology that allows one to tint the paint to the color of choice. All shades of the color trend collection for 2022 are included in the Symphony Opus I-II colour card, which amasses a whopping total of 2436 colors. Example of tintable paints:

Tintable furniture paint: Feelings Furniture Paint

Tintable wall paints: JokerOptiva ColorOptiva MattFeelings Interior Paint

Tintable enamel paints for metal and wood: Everal Semi Matt 30MiranolEveral Akva 40.

(Source: Tikkurila webpage)

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