UltraGrime® - Wipes that defeat dirt

Clean your hands, tools and surfaces simply and easily with UltraGrime.

When life gets dirty, UltraGrime® fights back! Professionals and DIY users demanded a disposable wipe that could tackle tough dirt and UltraGrime® delivers. Whether someone works in the automotive or construction industry, or just needs a wipe that can clean up the everyday mess around the house, UltraGrime® takes care of it. The secret lies in its tough-on-dirt, gentle-on-skin formula. Rather than leaving dry and damaged skin, the safe formula contains Aloe extract and Vitamin E to keep your hands safe and your work area clean.

What's different?

UltraGrime® wet wipes are larger, wetter and stronger than any other wipes and stay wet and usable for over an hour, so you waste less. Plus, recycled materials are used wherever possible to reduce your ecological footprint. Say goodbye to mess and dirt and try UltraGrime® wipes today!

If you don't like messy work, you know you need a clean work area and tools. UltraGrime® PRO wet wipes are designed for people who deal with oil, grease, paint or any other kind of dirt on the job. UltraGrime® Pro wet wipes are larger, stronger and safer than traditional cleaning products or other wipes. A quick and easy solution that is essential for working efficiently.

What are its properties?

It is suitable for many applications and its properties make it extremely effective:

  • 100 giant wipes - 38 x 25 cm - twice as big as the average wipes
  • The package keeps the wipes moist for weeks when resealed - try it for a month!
  • Super strong and soft, more rag-like
  • Collects and holds dirt like microfiber
  • High absorbency
  • Flexible, reusable packaging for less waste
  • Dispenses one wipe at a time
  • Safe to use on all surfaces
  • Alcohol-free, with Vitamin E and Aloe extract - so it's kind to the skin

UltraGrime® PRO range is excellent for use:

  • Painting, plumbing, electrical and all kinds of dirty jobs!
  • For roadside jobs, where you can't wash your hands!
  • Construction work, car repairs
  • Households
  • Anywhere where clean hands are important - and you don't wash your hands often
Which versions can we use?
Multiuse - Benefits
Dermatologically tested, safe on the skin
Removes grease, paint, silicone, foam and binders
Bio Multiuse - Benefits compared to Multiuse:
Biodegradable according to EN14046
Power Scrub - Benefits compared to Multiuse:
Coarse texture on one side for strong scrubbing power
Soft on the other side for absorbency and protection

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